Ada Stefanie Namani * Devinderjit
Positive Vibration

White Sound Gong Meditation

The gong: Many characterize the gong as the most powerful instrument of sound healing. Played in this style, the gong carries you to a realm of no-mind, a sensation of limit-less being whole. It enhances your light bodies, you might at first feel trancy, then strengthened. Played in this heritage, no single strokes of the mallet are audible, but the player makes the gong sing in its limitless frequencies. The mind can no longer discern the pattern, high sound frequency is reached. Gong player's experience and meditative tecniques guide the listener through a profound meditative experience.

This inner journey goes far beyond a relaxation or sound bath. Attenders say that obsolete thought patterns, blocks and even traumas have been mildened or released. Many feel vitalised and clear. Surrender to a profound process of transformative healing, tune into your original sound matrix of „Ong“ and „Aum“. Just love the incomparable experience, and be with the white sound wave. Gong meditation is just the thing for you if you adore sound, trance, and powerful experience. Lay down, enjoy the gong's overwhelming overtones, and just be.

Procedure: Body and mind are prepared by matching yoga, meditation and breath exercises. Approximately half an hour of trance-formative sound follow. After this profound experience, dancing helps to bring the feet back on the ground. Gong meditation can be enjoyed as well as by beginners and those already experienced in yoga.

Ada Devinderjit from Hamburg, Germany has been leading countless gong meditations since 2006 – in yoga classes, festivals and as a component of psychotherapy. Since her mentor Nanak Dev Singh left his body in 2015, she has been teaching this yogic art as his heir.

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